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Add you ad to the Valosity Games Website

Do you wish to add your ad to our site? It's easy!

You have many different options to choose from, and for each one it will require you to donate to valosity games. Follow this link to donate:

If you have any questions at all, please PM Valosity concering them.

Also: You MUST register if you wish to advertise with us! Please send Valosity a PM regarding the advertising with a set date & time (EST Timezone ONLY!) included, along with what advertising method (See list lower down) you wish to use (Include in the title 'Advertising'). Also, make sure to show a embedded preview of your ad & the ad URL. Wait till he replys. Then, go forward and donate one of our advertising methods prices. We will not add you ad if you choose one of a higher or lower price then what you said in the PM!

Add dimensions (Size):

Your add must be 450 pixels width and 60 pixels height. Adds smaller then that will be accepted.

Below are the methods to have your ad added to all pages BUT the Homepage. Underneatrh is one labled for the homepage with higher prices.

Advertisment Methods:

Homepage Advertisment Methods:

You may choose only 1 of above per transaction. Please wait 24 hours for another transaction.

Your add will be added as soon as possible! (Your month amounts will start on the day your ad is added)