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=PD= Backround Story

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=PD= Backround Story Empty =PD= Backround Story

Post  Valosity on Mon Sep 20, 2010 7:11 am

This is the Story of the Nebulaens, their domain/world, and other important game information. This will often be updated, built upon, and grow over time. Feel free to comment & or suggest. Enjoy!

=PD= Backround Story 293twl5
The Nebulaen live underground, in a place not known to exist to modern mankind. Lava, Steam, Fire, Mountains, and so much more dominate this extremely harsh terrain. The Nebulaen are a humanoid type creature, with a body built like a human, but with blue blood flowing through their veins. The blue blood is called inchorg, and will instantly kill any human - but only if it's the human to make that blood flow out of a Nebulaen. The Nebulaen's body is built with the streangth, power, and shape to accoplish amazing feats. Some of them contain magic, extreme and weak. Born into a family that has inchorg with magical powers flowing through it are fortunate, for as soon as they turn 13 years old (An Nebulaen year is 100 days) these powers emerge, along with the deadly enemies who seek them for their own gain. Monsters even deadlier then the Nebulaen roam the depths of the earth, usually seeking the magic of a younge Nebulaen not yet acquantid with their abilities. They are easy targets for the death-strewn born killers, not yet able to defend themselves with magic, they are required to use their own bodily abilities. Nebulaens usually live within mountains in caves carved by the mistical fights of Nebulaen legends, supplied by light from ther ever blasting fires outside.
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