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=PB= Major Game Updates

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=PB= Major Game Updates

Post  Valosity on Thu Oct 14, 2010 6:33 am

As recently twittered ( updates for Pyrathronian Domain will be initiated Thursday, October 14th. To go into a more detailed explanation, features include:

  • Early NPC Function
  • VERY early quest function
  • More advanced currency
  • Level bug fixed: but no way to go up a level (Yet!)
  • Walkaround viewscreen (Not just refined to that tiny little area!
  • 'Secrets' on the quest: find something to complete it!
  • Much more!

Since we have so much compacted into just this release the games gonna be better then ever!
Hopefully you'll like it, and we've improved the game so much from that video.

Who knows, we might add a bit more to our features before tomorrow.

Wiki (encyclopedia) for the game on it's way!

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