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=PD= Battle Strategies & Engine (Battle Overview)

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=PD= Battle Strategies & Engine (Battle Overview)  Empty =PD= Battle Strategies & Engine (Battle Overview)

Post  Valosity on Sat Nov 13, 2010 5:31 am

Pyrathronian Domain's battle feature will be improved on, as a start. Now, to explain the current proposed battle strategy. You will start by going to a different "Room" to battle to monster after colliding with it. You will then have the option to run (-____ gold), or battle the monster. The monster will wait a second or two (maybe more) after your being transfered to the room to give you a chance to get ready and adjust. Then, the monster will start moving. Most monsters will move up or down, some will move so fast all you can see is a blur - or so slow that your eye hardly registers a movement until it's been moved quite a bit in difference to it's original spot. Some monsters will not only move up or down - but possibly around in a circle, or come at you, go to the left edge of the screen, possibly go off it and strike from behind - many different movements. Occasionally, a monster might even be something flying - then you'll have to use special skills aquired to hit them. You can shoot a weapon using space. But, eventually when you level up you will gain a new 'skill'. It will give you a key to press when in battle. Press that key, and you can use the attack. Our battle system is still in it's alpha, and growing.

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