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Avatar Permissions/Rules

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Avatar Permissions/Rules

Post  Valosity on Fri Jun 18, 2010 7:39 am

There is also another copy of this in the Board Rules.

Avatar Information

Avatar Submissions (Recommended)

If you wish to have no risk of using your avatar, see if it fits the limits in the 'Avatar Submission Testing' thread, located in Forum Support.

Creating an Avatar
First of all, you must require some Graphics Skills. If you have these, and a program to work with, you are ready to make your avatar.
When making an avatar, you have 2 limits size wise. The maximum size dimensions are 125 x 125 pixels, or lower. This translates to 125 pixels high, and 125 pixels wide. The max filesize dimensions are 10,000 bytes. About 10 KB. Here is an image to show you the regulations:

Avatar Regulations:
1. No Animation
2. Size Demensions followed
3. Ages 9 and under appropriate

Submitting your Avatar
If you have a single Avatar to submit, please do not send just that 1 avatar. It is highly unrecommended! If an Inbox is full, please submit it to the secondary account. Please try and have as many avatars as possible in a single message. Copy, paste, and fill out this form for each avatar to be submitted:

[color=black][b]Submitted by:[/b][/color]
[color=black][b]Avatar Image:[/b][/color]
[color=black][b]Avatar Link (URL):[/b][/color]
The reason why the part 'Submitted by' in there is because one person may, with permission, submit others avatars too. This user can PM other users who are testing avatars for submission, and may ask if they can PM a large group (10 avatars minimum if this is to be done) of avatars for submission. This is the best way, as it is highly respected and appreaciated by the staff.

All submissions are to be sent to the user Avatar Submissions! This account is owned by the staff.

Uploading your own Avatar (Not Recommended)

If someone happens to decide to upload their own avatar, there are extremely strict regulations. As for Staff and Assistants, they will have a different copy of Avatar Rules.

Maximum Size Dimensions
You may have you avatar with the maximum dimensions of 125 x 125 pixels. If you are caught with it any bigger then that (Even if it's only 1 pixel) your avatar will be immediatly deleted (Or reported to an Administrator) and you will be warned. If you break this rule 2 times, you will recieve a 3 day ban. If you break it a 3nd time, you will recieve a one week ban. If you break it a 4th time, you will be permenantly banned.

Maximum Filesize Dimensions
Your maximum file size for an avatar is 10,000 bytes, which is just about 10 KB. If you are found with an avatar with a larger filesize, and it's your first time breaking this, you will most likley have it resized and be warned. But, if an Administrator is too busy to do so, it will be deleted and you warned. If you continue to break this rule two times, you will be banned for 3 days. If you break it a 3rd, you are banned for a week. If you break it a 4th, you will be permenantly banned.

Image Design
Your image can be as complex or simple as you'd like it. But, you have to keep it to an 9- age appropraite. You will be warned if it's too harsh by a little, and your avatar deleted. If you have a far too harsh image, the image will be givin to an Administrator (Please report another users image to a moderator or Admin if you think it's too harsh) and the user will be delt with accordingly. If you do it a second time, you will be givin an official warning. If you do it a 3rd time, a 3-day ban. A 4th time is a 1-week ban. And, a 5th time, a permenant ban.

Please follow all of these rules accordingly! If you wish to not have a problem at all with this, submit your avatars for the Site Gallery of Avatars, or select one from there. Also, you can use the avatar testing thread as a place to see if your avatars are ok.
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