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Art Gallery Approval Thread

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Art Gallery Approval Thread

Post  Valosity on Wed Oct 06, 2010 4:58 am

If you wish to join and be able to post your own art, please apply here. It is a very simple form to be filled out, and as long as you can constructivly critise a members artwork. Although it requers 1 piece of art that is yours, it can be horrible, and you can still get in. If it is NOT yours, then you will be declined.


[b]1 art example:[/b]
[b]2 Images be Constructivly criticized:[/b]
[b]Image #1 Critisim:[/b]
[b]Image #2 Critisim:[/b]

And, after the application please use this following sentence in the quotation tags (See quote button in formatting):

I agree to not plagerise, rip, or steal anothers artwork. I also agree to not break any forum and board rules, and fully take upon myself the punishement.

For plagerism, ripping, or stealing art work there are severe punishments. Depending on the action, you will be punished from being removed from the section (Not being able to see/post in this part of the forum) to a permenant ban.

If you do not know what constructive critism is, here's a breif definition:
Critising anothers work without saying mean things like "It's bad" or just saying "I like it". We require you to explain why you think that way. Instead of saying "It's bad, you really need to work on your art", say something along the lines of "I don't like your art, but you can improve. Some things you can improve on are ____, _____, and ____."

Good luck!

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