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=VG= Forum Rules Summary

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=VG= Forum Rules Summary

Post  Valosity on Thu Jun 17, 2010 5:47 am

Summary of Forum Rules

This is a simple summarization of each of the forum rules. This only consists of a single post, and will include bolded and italicizied links for you to go directly to a certain post in the complete Forum Rules.
Hopfully this will make your reading easier!

Post #1 - Introduction

  • Part 1 - Table of contents
  • Part 2 - Organization Note

Post #2 - User Posting Behaviour

  • Part 1 - No Spam

Post #3 - User Interactions

  • Part 1 -

Post #4 - Forum Coding Usage

  • Part 1 -

Post #5 - Suggestions/Complaints

  • Part 1 - Suggestions
  • Part 2 - Complaints

Post #6 - Standardized Forum Information

  • Part 1 -

Post #7 - Avatar Information

  • Part 1 - Avatar Submissions
  • Part 2 - Uploading your own Avatar
  • ---Part 2.3 - Maximum Size Dimensions
  • ---Part 2.6 - Maximum Filesize Dimensions
  • ---Part 2.9 - Image Design
  • Part 3 - Warning note

I hope this helps! New additions will be implemented and added on as more rules are developed by me and the Staff team. Thanks! ~Valo
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