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Forum Rankings, Titles, and Groups

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Forum Rankings, Titles, and Groups

Post  Valosity on Fri Jun 18, 2010 9:56 am

Forum Rankings, Titles, and Groups

You will find 3 different desctions pertaining to this thread, each seperated and labled. We hope you like the set up!

Forum Ranks

Valosity Games Game Staff
All the members of this Rank has power over the entire game section that they design. You will find them with titles in the color of the game they help design. The colors are as follows:

  • Valosity Games Head Game Designer
  • Pyrathonian Domain Staff Members
  • Demonic Nebulae Staff Members

All Game Staff can easily be known by this star icon is before their title:

Valosity Games Forum Staff
There are quite a few different levels of Forum Staff. These all are kindly taking time off to help out, without getting paid at all.

Title: Administrator (Until changed by an Administrator)
Administrators are a group of highly trusted users that can cofigue the forum easily. They have the power to ban users, modify users profiles, and modify the board settings. Administrators are the highest ranked users of the entire board.

Game Administrators
Title: {Administrating Game name} Administrator (Until changed by an Administrator)
Game Administrators have access to modify different games featured on this forum. Although they can't directly modify the entire board, they have a high responsiblity. They always have as much power as possible to recieve in their select games that they Administrate. They are the second highest rankings of the board.

Head Moderators
Title: {Moderting Catagorey Name} Head Moderator (Until changed by an Administrator)
Head Moderators will always moderate a whole catagorey instead on a forum. Although some Gaming Masters/Moderators may moderate a whole catagorey, they are most likley not up for the job. Head Moderators can moderate the whole board, as being a head, yet they would not be an Administrator. They can ban users, and have the most power out of all users below Administration rank.

Title: {Moderating forum/catagorey Name} Moderator (Until changed by an Administrator)
Moderators are just about Gaming Masters, as they have the power to ban users. They can moderate whole catagorey(s) at a time, although they may not move up. Moderators moderate even the Gaming Masters, watching over them all.

Gaming Masters
Title: {Moderating Forum Name} GM (Until changed by an Administrator)
Gaming Masters are simply assistants of the staff, but are still reffered to as staff. They are handpicked by our boards' Adminitrators, and are the first step from a regular member to having a chance at higher ranking. They have been helpful, kind, and constantly on topic, contributing thoughtfully. Gaming Masters are respected, even if they seem 'low ranked' compared to the other rankings. They are still important to the Board's harmony.

Forum Titles

Custom titles are givin to Staff & Assistants and a select few regular users. Otherwise, there are specfic titles givin to regular users.

Regular User Titles

Friendly(!)/Extremely Friendly(!)
This title is givin to users who are either constantly friendly or outstandingly friendly. They must be semi-helpful, and always look on the posative side on things. This comes with new Avatar Limitations (Check inbox if title recieved)!

Artistic(!)/Amazing Artist(!)
Users who produce many peices of art, and activly participate in Artistic places or events will be deemed with this title. Artwork will not only have to be submitted often, but it must be shown that effort was givin and the peice was though through, even if it isn't great. Comes with new Avatar Limitations (Check inbox if recieved)!

Costructive Member(!)/Constructive(!)
Members who are on topic 99.99% of the time recieve this title. That is, as long as they contribute to the topic in posative ways, and can be slightly helpful at times too. This comes with new Avatar Limitations (Check inbox if recieved)!

Helpful Member(!)/Helpful(!)/Exremely Helpful(!)
Members who show they help out users no matter what the conditions are. These ursers are not curel and mean and helpful, but they are kind to other users. This comes with new Avatar Limitations (Check inbox if recieved)!

Kind(!)/Very Kind(!)
Users who are slightly helpful and are kind to other users recieve this title. Although a user doesn't quite qualify as a friendly user, they still deserve reconization if they recive this title. This comes with new Avatar Limitations (Check inbox if recieved)!

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